Founder of The Creativity Conference, Futurist, Public Speaker, Strategic Advisor, Author

Maxim is an award-winning filmmaker, best-selling author, consultant futurist, strategic advisor, international keynote, and founder and director of The Creativity Conference.

Maxim consults on future and emerging technology for several international organizations, and as a film director, he has produced over thirty short films, feature length documentaries, and is working on a forthcoming feature film. His work has won Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor awards.

Maxim is well-known as a media technology trainer and presenter, and is the author of many books and training series for Adobe and Avid, as well as the IEEE-USA E-Book, What Will Our World Be Like in 10 Years? Book 1: Emerging Trends.

After 20 years of speaking at conferences around the world, Maxim was inspired to establish a gathering inspired by creative thinking and its practical application, with ideas and examples presented in a beautiful environment where magical thinking might become ‘everyday’: The Creativity Conference.