Single Share Match Terms and Conditions

Each guest participating in the single traveler program acknowledges that it is a voluntary (not mandatory) program, that each guest is responsible for reviewing the below terms & conditions and agrees to be bound by such terms & conditions.

Best efforts will be made to pair single traveling guests with a roommate of the same legal gender (as noted on the guest’s passport or proof of citizenship) and within the same stateroom category type preference, however roommate requests are not guaranteed.

Roommate pairing will be made throughout the course of the reservation process on a first come, first served basis; and an email will be sent out to the roommate matched passengers providing contact information for their assigned roommate and their final stateroom assignment.

Since a roommate match cannot be guaranteed, the guest can exercise one of the following options at any time if a suitable roommate match has not been found:

(1) Cancel the cruise reservation and pay the applicable cancellation fee as of the date of cancellation. As this option does not cover any additional air or other transportation costs, it is strongly advised that airline tickets not be purchased until a roommate match is successfully completed.


(2) Agree to convert from a roommate share basis to a single occupancy basis and make full payment to travel alone in the assigned stateroom with the understanding that if a roommate match can be made prior to sailing, the stateroom basis will be converted back to a double occupancy basis and the applicable refund amount will be processed accordingly.

In the event that a guest has been matched with a roommate who subsequently cancels the cruise or wishes to withdraw from the single traveler program, cancellation fees will be applied to the canceling party and efforts will be made to find a replacement roommate; however, finding a replacement roommate cannot be guaranteed. If a replacement roommate cannot be found, the stateroom will be converted to a single occupancy basis, and the remaining roommate will be responsible for any additional applicable costs.